In New York City, families struggle to find time to provide for their children’s need of toys that are appealing yet developmentally and age appropriate, which tend to be costly and take up valuable space in most tiny apartments here. Our team came up with Toyoyo, the best online toy rental company among all toy vendors because we offer toys, carefully curated by child psychologists, that are delivered, installed, and picked up directly to your homes saving you time, space and money. In collaboration with Charltonette Wuisan, Gabriela Gonzales, Morgan Butler and Yvonne Yeh.

In the beginning we wanted to reach out to all of the 5 boroughs in New York City, however we realize that is impossible to do and focus only in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. We looked at the best neighborhoods to raise children and our warehouse location located in Gowanus, Brooklyn or Long Island City, Queens.

We use our website as our direct communication to customers, users can select the toys they want and added to their cart. We wanted our website to have a clean outlook, easy to navigate and straightforward. Users can pinpoint all the tabs explaining how it works. We also want to give it a playful colorful and eye-catching design since we are targeting not only to parents but to children and teenagers. Our slogan and logo on the website, “Playtime Made Easy” expresses the values we deliver of convenience for parents and entertainment and engagement for the children.