Vocal artist, songwriter, photographer, part-time model and the Internet sensation. What more could you want? She goes by the name Dylan Sada. I have been following this amazing artist ever since high school and finally had the opportunity to sit down with her. We talked about her journey in becoming the next talk of the town. Born and bred in Jakarta, Indonesia, she now resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Describe your style in 3 words
Blazers, blazers and blazers. Me? adventurous, spontaneous, impulsive.
Who is your role model?
My mum, she had me when she was 19. It sounds cliché but she really is my best friend, my sister and my vocal teacher.
What's your guilty pleasure?
(laughs) staying up super late and therefore waking up super late.

What made you decide to come to New York?
I used to live here with my parents from the age of 2 and left New York at 9. I decided to go back and do my own thing. Someone once said, "if you can survive New York then you can live anywhere in the world." I love New York, not as much as I love my own country but I love New York. What I love about is the freedom to express yourself, to be anonymous.
What current projects are you now working on?

"Narcism is passe or no", a self-expression video project, it is all about loving yourself being who you truly are in front of the camera, but in a positive connotation. I just launched my very own website which displayed my personal photography, modelling work and my songs. Besides that, I am working as a personal assistant in an art gallery painting murals.
What was your biggest, memorable project?
Collaborating with Chino Maurice and Nick Littlemore from Empire of the Sun. It is still on going where it involves various female artists around New York.
How do you look for ins
pirations from time to time?
I have an obsession with colors, it all started when I was little I found out that nebulas, galaxies, etc. They are so colorful and vibrant since then I’m hooked. Friends, see their pictures and get inspired. Just comes. I see, explore, walk around.
How often do you collaborate with other artists?
Not that often, I should though. The design industry is all about fate and connections and hopefully will land me a project.

In your opinion, what are the makings of an artist?
They have they are own sense of style, a vision. They can freely express themselves and they are not afraid to do so.
Would you consider yourself as an artist?

No, I just don’t like the fame. I’m just an ordinary girl who just loves taking pictures and sings in the shower (it’s the echo man!)
How does it feel like having numerous people looking up to you?
Flattering, yet confusing sometimes. I just don’t get it sometimes. A good friend of mine recently said to me: “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

Would you consider yourself as a traveler? Moving from places to places?
Kind of, I have only been to some places in Asia, a lot in the States. When I have conquered Europe and Africa then I can say I am a traveler.
Where was your favorite destination?
Hawaii, 1997.
How long were you there?
We [my choir group and family] traveled around the States for a month or so.
Why were you there?
We were on a music tour, it was Indonesia’s Independence day and we were invited to sing at the Embassy.
What were the most memorable experience?

It was my last trip with my grandfather, he was the founder of Bina Vokalia music school. It brought such pride to Indonesia and myself as an Indonesian.
Where is your dream destination? And why?
Tibet, Chile, Greece and Goa
Tibet: landscape
Chile: best nights to see stars
Greece: architecture, I first saw it in the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. So I guess that counts as my guilty pleasure as well (laughs)

Well I hope you get to travel there someday. Thank you so much for your time. One last thing, if you could say a few words to the young community back in Indonesia or New York, what would it be?

"Growing up in many places I learned that in the end all you can count on is yourself. Put it like this, if you’re climbing a ladder with friends, it doesn’t matter if they reached the top before you, what matters is how far you’ve gotten. Baby steps, no success or fortune comes overnight. If you have a dream, never let anyone take it away from you. Even if you still don’t know what you want in life, or what your purpose is (trust me a lot of people don’t). Just love everything you do and be grateful."