The project was originally inspired by my mother, a General Practitioner and a consultant specializing in HIV/ AIDS. Months of research has gone into different medical care clinics in New York, looking for possible solutions to find an environment space where patients could freely talk about their stories. My goal is to be able to implement the idea of Safe Mind In a Loving Environment (SMILE), a case management and education approach to HIV/AIDS patients in South East Asian countries, specifically in Indonesia. The reason to why there is a need of a clinic in Indonesia is due to stigma and society’s lack of knowledge about the virus.

1. Brainstorming: "How do I create the ideal environment for patients".
2. President & CEO of Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan explaining how plants helps create an incredible environment for both employees and patients. 
3. Inspirations from a hospital garden in San Francisco, CA and the Shirley Burnett Cancer Garden in Texarkana, TX. Both used materials that are warm and inviting.
4. Color spectrum inspiration for final prototype.

Our mission is to have a homelike, nature focused and holistic environment. This is done through the placement of bean bag chairs,  chalkboard and a door to the garden. The roof could also be open when weather is permitted.