For more than a century L’Oréal has been pushing back the boundaries of science to invent beauty and meet the aspirations of millions of women and men. Its vocation is universal: beauty for all. With the opening up of the emerging markets, L’Oréal’s mission is broadening in response to the vast diversity of populations. In addition to analyzing current strategies, our team have recommended several suggestions to this development and how can L’Oréal tap those markets successfully. In collaboration with Renee Hong, Sunny Huang and Thanais Telphon.

ne of their current strategies is broadening  their customer base. The 2008 economic crisis has brought this strategy into focus. The company is moving into the Latin American and Eastern European markets for deodorants and fragrances.

L’Oréal has several core competencies including product diversification that create value, giving it a competitive advantage to its competitors. L’Oréal offers a diverse range of products including make up, perfume, hair and skin products that caters to various ethnic groups.

ne of the recommendations we have come up with is market development. Expanding to other countries such as Thailand, Saudi Arabia, etc. would help increase in an untapped market share abroad and international brand awareness. It can also attract potential investors and shareholders from the new markets. However, the downside entering the new market would be costly in terms of market research; market and government regulations, distribution and the risk of failure to meet demands.